15 June 2013

The untethered soul

The untethered soul [4.5/5]
By Michael A. Singer
Ramana Maharshi asked the question: who am I? When you think about it, it is very difficult to answer that question. You are not your name——letters arranged in a particular fashion. You are not the image in the mirror. Ten years ago the image was different. Every cell in the body is replaced in 7 years. You are physically different now, since 7 years ago.
Ramana Maharshi finally gives a cryptic answer: the one who asks the question——‘Who am I?’——I am that person.
Yeeeeeks. Little tricky. Michael A. singer has written a 200 page book to answer this question.
Since childhood, we come across a lot of experiences. We cling to them and develop convictions.
You go to church every Sunday. You like Kishor Kumar songs. You love to drive fast. A pretty girl ditched you during your college days. You love baby-laughs. You jog everyday.
These experiences make you. Some stay with you as positive energy. Some negative.
When we face new situations, you compare them with your convictions and judge them.
When you meet a person who likes contemporary songs, you become uncomfortable, since they don’t share your likings. When you meet an agnostic, you are uncomfortable. You don’t understand people who don’t exercise. When people cut you in the traffic, you get edgy. You think women who wear short dresses are of loose character.
You judge everyone with your past experiences. What happens when you don’t store past experiences? You become a window. You don’t store any energies. The experiences pass through you like the white lines on the road. When a new situation confronts you, you don’t have anything to compare with, you face them with the enthusiasm of a child. You don’t judge anyone. You become more peaceful.
It is a great book. I highly recommend this book.

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