17 November 2006

In the begining..

I started this blog as a semi technical scrap page, but quickly realized that there is already amazing amount of technical stuff available on the net.

Meanwhile some intellectual guys from my native, have hosted a site (http://www.kinnigoli.com/) and invited me to write for it.

Now a day, I write mostly for this site, so there is not much on the blog, except for the links to some of my articles.

Memoirs of an invisible man
Finally a memoir! I really worked very hard for this article. It took almost 3 months for me to write this one. Many people said that it is very long. But it is a memoir , it has to be long!

Two days in heaven
This is a travelogue, went to Kerala for a two day trip. It was very nice

Arabian nights
My experiences in Bahrain..

Conditions apply
Most mis-understood article!

In search of God
During my younger years I had spoilt my image mainly because of my religious views. The article is my answer to all those people who thought that I am going away from God.

Real life, real people
The article is a glimpse of conditioning in real life.

Made in heaven
I finally married the person whom I loved most of my life. Still the life after marriage is much different than before..

The road less travelled
If you love your job, you never have to work for a single day! My experiences in the professional career till I found my peace with the job I love….

Miniature Gods
Missing old days..

If tomorrow comes
A chance encounter with death resulted in the belief of living in the moment…

Foreign Keys
In between I also wrote a technical article, which got a good amount of response. I was working on foreign keys that time. It was a tricky area.

Finally decided to dedicate some time on the subject, the result is the above article.

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