25 April 2007

If tomorrow comes…

The incident happened less than a year back when I went to a near by small island with my wife as a part of picnic. We got into a jet-ski, which is a small motor boat for two people. I and my wife went quite far in the sea, so far that the shore was not visible. It was a nice experience far from the shore, alone with the loved one, in the middle of the sea. Later I came to know that there was a high tide, but that moment I had thought the waves are normal.
I was enjoying the ride and suddenly before I came to know what it is, our boat toppled. With the boat upside down and alone in the sea, the experience is quite frightening. Even though we had life jackets, floating in mid sea is scary. We could not climb the boat again and were just floating there for almost 10 minutes. Luckily the coast guards were alarmed when they found that we are not in the vicinity and sent a rescue boat.

When I think about the event I get goose pimples. Well, nothing has changed much after that but the incident gave me a break from my hectic routine. I have not immediately started smelling the roses and enjoying the fresh air. But I took a break, this is a kind of paradigm shift.

How can I die, when there are lots of things pending? I have called friends which was a long pending activity, visited some of them. Become more lenient and forgiving and started enjoying life.

For once I have started posting a lot of things on this site’s message board. So that when I was gone, people will say “Even though he had not achieved much in life, he had some good posts on kinnigoli.com!” The message board is really neat and the most happening place of this site. I am communicating with some of my old friends whom I have not met in years. For example Vally, whom I have not seen for more than a decade! Also it is a good place to recollect old memories.

Coming back to the topic, life moves on with a tremendous speed and before you know, it is time to leave planet earth! One thing I don’t want to say when I am 70 (hope I will reach there) is that “ I should have ….!”

Recently I have seen a lot of world war two movies and I feel that we are in a much better world than our grand fathers. Since you are reading this on the internet you can consider yourself lucky because lots of people don’t have this privilege.

The point I want to stress is that enjoy the journey not the destination. When was the last time you saw a sunrise? Stars? Smelled the flowers? Listened to the birds?
When was the last time you made a kid laugh?

Okay! I know it is long back. For some of you it will be years! When you are done with the article, think about the above listed questions. They are not difficult to carry out, but if you postpone, some day you will be too old to do those things!

I cancelled my Honeymoon trip to Andamaan just one week before because of Tsunami! God saved me from the disaster at the nick of time. Subsequently I went to Northern-India for honeymoon and fell from a horse but saved from falling into a deep trench!

I have a special relation with God, I am his favorite prodigal son! He saves me all the time, this may not be the case with you! So enjoy life before it is too late. God bless you all, have a nice time!

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