28 July 2013

GOD [J Krishnamurti simplified]

Our mind cannot seek the unknown.
When you seek something, you already have an idea of the thing you are searhing. For e.g. if you are searching a lost wallet, you already know what you are looking for——the color of the wallet, texture etc. So, when you find the wallet under the dining table, you recognize it immediately.
Can you search a thing that you haven’t seen before?
Let’s say you are looking for Pseduert. You don’t know what it is. How would you recognize Pseduert when you find it? It is not possible. Because you haven’t seen it before. Similarly, human mind cannot find God. It’s a futile search.
We learn about God from Parents, religious leaders, and holy books. Krishnamurti asks, What if they are wrong?

On God by J.Krishnamurti.

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