28 July 2013

Notes on UG Krishnamurti

UG Krishnamurti was a great thinker. Not to be confused with his famous contemporary, Jiddu Krishnamurti (JK). If you follow one, you’ll certainly find the other. Many things are common between them. Both were associated with Theosophical Society, but later their views changed. Not only both disassociated with the Theosophical Society, but broke relationship with each other. UG claimed that though JK preached ‘no isms’, ‘no groups’, ‘no gurus’, he (JK) got tangled in his own teachings and developed a certain followership.

UG spent considerable time searching for enlightenment. Or to find out if it is possible for a common man to get enlightened? His eventual conclusion: There is no enlightenment. Because of this statement, certain people do think UG is enlightened! (One gets enlightened only when one is not looking for it!)

It seems that UG went to Ramana Maharshi, and asked the famous teacher: “This thing called moksha (enlightenment), can you give it to me?”
Ramana Maharshi replied with a counter question: “I can give it, but can you take it?”

This answer irked UG to such an extent, he stayed away from all gurus or people who claimed to be enlightened, then onwards.

Many thinkers (JK, Ekhart Tolle) disagree with Descartes (Father of modern Philosophy), who identified Mind with ‘I’ in his famous axiom: “I think therefore I am”. UG goes little ahead by his own question to Descartes: “What If I don’t think, do I exist therefore?”

Below is a video of talks between Psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove and UG.


  1. agree with the guy .. to enlighten means to remove darkness .. darkness is ignorance or unknowledge, therefore to enlighten is to gain knowledge .. and there is no end to such a process .. an end to that results in stagnation, degeneracy, senility, alzheimers, know-it-allism, arrogance, unmodesty, power-greed, etc

    all those who claim enlightenment or trying to remove coins from your pocket, take your own self-reliance, self-responsibility, independence of thinking, all to enslave you & empower themselves

    run from such people faster than from a wildfire .. not much of a difference

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